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The Splendor Cruise Part 1/ With Greg Gallello the Piano Man
Here is part one of my Christmas/New Years Vacation on a caribean cruise in 08-09. This video is mainly created for my close friends that I told I was going. The average passenger on the ship gains 10 pounds after the cruise, I lost 3 pounds. This video at the last 5 minutes contains him rocking out to Old Time Rock N Roll, and another song. ... Greg Gallello Piano Carnival Grand bar San Juan puerto rico ship Splendor
Tags: Greg, Gallello, Piano, Carnival, Grand, bar, San, Juan, puerto, rico, ship, Splendor

Puerto Rican Waves
March 8, 2009. After arriving in Puerto Rico, we decided to rent a car instead of staying at a hotel. We ended up just driving around before boarding our cruiseline Carnival Victory and these are some of the things we encountered.
Tags: Carnival, Victory, Puerto, Rico, Waves

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