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Puerto Rican Kids [00:29]
Killeen, TX
Tags: Dance, puertorico, Puerto, Rico, Kids

SanSe '12 Atabal, Totem, todos bailando [01:02]
El publico en masa haciendo "el cuadrito" a son de Atabal en las fiestas de la calle San Sebastian en San Juan Puerto Rico
Tags: san se, san sebastian, puerto San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, baile, cuatrito, totem, large group dance, dancing plaza totem, San Juan, flash mob

"Endearing Litter Beach in Levittown, PR" [00:21]
Across from a chain hotel here is this beach, it's loaded with bottle caps, plastic cups, straws, you name it! BUT, if you plop yourself on a small free patch of sand well, it's FANTASTIC!!! Why? Because on weekends people come to make picnics, play music and be with each other so..the reason to come here is for the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun and to admire the wonderful people of Puerto Rico living the richest life one can imagine and they are simply HAPPY to dance and be with loved ones for the rest of their days. THAT is awesome to me to be able to witness.
Tags: Levittown, PR, Puerto, Rico, Litter, Beach, Family, Pride, Quality, Of, Life, Real

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