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David Guetta live #ElectricHoliday Puerto Rico 2012- Titanium [04:11]
12.29.2012 live from Puerto Rico Convention Center

David Guetta live #ElectricHoliday Puerto Rico 2012 Intro [06:21]
She Wolf (falling to pieces) ft. Sia live from Puerto Rico Convention Center 12.29.12

Electric Daisy Carnival Puerto Rico 2012 [01:12]
Trailer of the most excited EDM Carnival event the world has ever know, only on the greatest island to party San juan, Puerto Rico

Ecotourism, ecological house in the central region of Ciales, Puerto Rico (Quinta Montañar). [01:11]
This peaceful rustic, secluded mountain cottage located in the central region of Ciales, Puerto Rico, offers its guests the perfect place to disconnect themselves from the modern, hectic world. Its location in the middle of 145 acres of tropical forest (latitude 18o, 15', 26'', longitude 66o, 31',51'') is a pristine site bordered by Cialitos River. At an elevation ranging from 1500 to 2300 feet, it offers a peaceful and quiet setting with a unique view of Central Mountain range. You will be surrounded by ecology, nature, fresh air, clear sky, silence, and tranquility. Several kilometers of zigzagging trails through the dense tropical forest makes this Quinta Montañar a unique place to get in touch with Mother Nature. The forest is full of prana, crystalline creeks, and waterfalls. You will always be accompanied by the most amaizing inhabitants such as birds (guaraguaos, san pedritos, zorzales...), frogs (coquis, ranitas de labio blanco), lizards (lagartijos), and fireflies (cucubanos) that illuminate the night. To preserve its rustic and ecological atmosphere, the house does not have electricity. However, illumination of the house is provided by candles and lanterns. The house has a gas stove, gas fridge, running water, and a cozy decoration. It's the perfect place to get away from the madding crowd and commotion of the city (lejos del mundanal ruido).

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, by canaryhouse. [04:23]
Views of Puerto Rico and apartment for rent, in Puerto Rico, one bedroom, bathroom, living room kitchen and terrace overlooking the beach. Completely reformed and furnished rustic style. Equipped with household appliances. The costs of water and electricity are not included in the price. In a quiet complex with swimming pool.
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