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Abandoned in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico [05:38]
While visiting family in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, I went to go see the lighthouse ruins by myself. Everyone told me to stay away from there because it's dangerous, women have been assaulted, etc. Nearby, there are some abandoned buildings. I explored the largest of these and there was a man in a red shirt who was in there. It seemed like he saw me enter the building and followed me in. I was filming video on my camera because I it felt like a fun horror movie thing, and I LOVE horror movies. So this might have been a dangerous situation, but I never felt afraid. You can see the man walking by clearly at 0:30 and you can see his shadow at 1:37. Hope viewers will find it creepy. I am also talking on the video, but I'm not sure how much you can hear. Enjoy!

Fly For Fun Arecibo, Puerto Rico [01:52]
Anazing View Of The Arecibo Coast From A HangGlider Plane

The Legend Behind the Bermuda Triangle: Martin's Take [09:06]
This is in response to a past suggestion. The Bermuda triangle is a triangular area of the Atlantic Ocean, marked by it's surrounding coast and islands of Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Mysteriously enough, over the past millenium, ships and aircraft have gone into it's perimeter without return. Compasses, informational gauges and mechanical and technological devices malfunction and/or cease to work once it's respective vehicle is inside of the Triangle. What's going on here?

puerto rico experience part 1 by rexstick productions [02:40]
Puerto Rico vacation by rexstick part 1 swimming waterfalls rainforest snorkeling fish atlantic ocean san juan condado conrad hotel hammock having fun with gopro 2 video rexstick productions

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