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Reserva Natural Laguna Tortuguero [02:52]
Visita el 8 de diciembre 2012 a la Laguna Tortuguero en Vega Baja Puerto Rico. La Reserva Natural Laguna Trotuguero es una de las áreas más importantes y valiosas de nuestra isla. Está localizada en la costa norte de Puerto Rico entre los municipios de Vega Baja y Manatí. Es uno de los cuerpos de agua dulce más grande de la Isla y única en la clase. Se distingue por su gran belleza escénica, importancia ecológica y por su sistema natural rico en fauna y flora acuática. La laguna cubre un área aproximadamente de 2.43 km2 y contiene un volumen total de agua de 708 millones de galones. Está compuesto de dos segmentos:la Laguna Tortuguero que incluye la ciénaga del noreste conocida como Cabo Caribe y Laguna Rica. Su profundiad prevalecientes está entre cuatro a cinco pies.

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat [01:28]
Casa Grande, a wonderful mountain retreat. This video is our playful tribute for our amazing stay. In reality its not at all scary, its the complete opposite and we highly recommend you visit if ever in Puerto Rico. Its within a gorgeous setting with amazing food, friendly staff and fun little accommodations that make you feel like you are seeping right there within the natural setting.

Jumping from the gozalandia waterfall, puerto rico [01:50]
Just having some fun with the GoPro 2 at the Gozalandia Waterfall in Puerto Rico Music is Man Overboard by Puscifer

Hitchhiking around the world - From Isabela to Fajardo - Puerto Rico [00:48]
I was hitchhiking from Isabela,where I needed to go to bank and then I was walking like 1 hour till I got picked up by older man dropping me on the main road,where I have seen the guys with a lot of straw on the top of their roof,who didnt wanted to make video with me,as they said that they wives would be too jelous to find them on some videos with a blond girl on youtube,but were extremely funny and nice and they left me on Vega Baja, on the toll on the highway where I put my sign - Fajardo up and in 5 minutes stopped this Mr. who was actually going just to Luquillo but at the end he dropped me off on the ferry just half an hour before they closed the place where they sell the tickets - I was lucky that day ;)

How to hitchhike from San Juan - Puerto Rico direction to west coast [01:23]
It's the manual how to hitchhike from San Juan Capital of Puerto Rico direction to west coast - Arecibo,Aguadilla,Isabela,Mayaguez etc.I was waiting actually on this spot around 5 minutes till managed to get a ride :) Extremely nice and funny people around here.

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