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Fly over of Cluebra, Puerto Rico [03:55]
Fly over of the Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico. You can see some of the famous beaches such as Playa Flamenco, Playa Resaca and Playa Brava. By far one of the most beautiful islands. The flight from Culebra to San Juan is about 30 minutes. Its a great way to go and come from the island but the ferry is fun if you are seaworthy.
Tags: Puerto Rico (Country) Cluebra

Puerto Rican Zipline Adventure [01:29]
This is a new thing I'm starting called Coloradventures! My friend goes on a lot of cool adventures and does cool things, so I told her to film her interesting life so I, the nerd behind the computer screen, could edit them and share them with the world! PLEASE subscribe if you want more Coloradventures! puerto rico adventure zip line "Puerto Rico (Country)" ziplining awesome spanish laughing thisgirl isso funnyand shealways goeson cooladventures soi paidher fivedollars togive methis videoso icould editit
Tags: puerto, rico, adventure, zip, line, Puerto Rico (Country), ziplining, awesome, spanish, laughing, thisgirl, isso, funnyand, shealways, goeson, cooladventures, soi, paidher, fivedollars, togive, methis, videoso, icould, editit

Fun in Puerto Rico, Summer 2012 [05:00]
Family vacation snorkeling at Culebra beach and caving adventure in Camuy.
Tags: Caving, Puerto Rico (Country), Fun, Beach, Summer, 2012, Snorkeling, Swimming, Diving, Water, Cave, zip line, rappelling, coral reef, brothers, exploring, adventure, body rafting, gopro, Hero, mud

Dom and Dan ziplining [02:00]
Puerto Rico ziplining fun
Tags: Puerto, Rico, Zip, Line

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