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The Experience - Puerto Rico EXCLUSIVE VLog Series- Ep.4 [07:55]
History ----------- Río Piedras is a district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Founded as a separate municipality in 1714, it has been the home of the University of Puerto Rico's main campus since 1903, earning the town the popular name of Ciudad Universitaria (University City). Rio Piedras was recognized as a municipality until 1951 when it was incorporated into the municipality of San Juan. Río Piedras' origins go back to 1714 when a settlement along the shores of the Piedras river was recognized by Governor Juan de Rivera. Originally known as El Roble, it eventually adopted the name of the river that crossed its territory (Río Piedras in Spanish). During the nineteenth Century, most of its territory was used for agricultural and livestock-raising purposes. Sugar cane, cotton and coffee were some of the goods produced during this era at the municipality. On May 12, 1903 the University of Puerto Rico was founded in Río Piedras.[1] The university was a central part of the development of Rio Piedras, both in housing and economically. Even though the campus covers a very small portion of the territory, it is considered the unofficial symbol of the old town. Currently, the Río Piedras Campus is recognized as the main campus in the University of Puerto Rico system. The Botanical Gardens of the University are also located at Río Piedras. Music by: Rodrigo y Gabriela Follow Me on Twitter

MVI 4861 [00:28]
The University of Turabo at Gurabo in Puerto Rico
Tags: University, of, Turabo, Universidad, del, Gurabo, Puerto, Rico, Caguas

Puerto Rico Project 2012 [10:40]
Summer Project with Campus Outreach Florida. Forty to fifty college students from 5 different colleges in Florida. Here's a video I put together, I know its kind of long but I had a hard time fitting a whole month of Puerto Rico into a few minutes. Fill free to everyone!! Enjoy! I give all credit to the music artists which include: 1. Finally Moving by Pretty lights 2. Oh My God by David Crowder 3. You Are The Beauty by Gungor 4. Give Me Faith by Elevation Worship
Tags: Campus Outreach, Campus Outreach Florida, Jacksonville University, Embry Riddle, University of Central Florida, University of North Florida, Puerto Rico, Florida (US State)

SWAU University Singers Tour Puerto Rico 2012 [04:08]
Southwestern Adventist University Singers Puerto RIco Trip March 2012 Music by Rush of Fools "For Those" Video by mVm Productions
Tags: Southwestern, Adventist, University, Singers, Puerto, Rico, College, Choir, Student, School, Concert, Keene, Texas, SWAU

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