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Cueva Ventana [04:25]
Cueva Ventana is a large cave situated atop a limestone cliff in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The cave overlooks the Río Grande de Arecibo valley.

Close to the edge & scared! [00:14]
The valley of Cueva Ventana, Puerto Rico.

Cueva Ventana (Window Cave) - Arecibo [03:04]
Family trip to Cueva Ventana (Window Cave) between Utuado and Arecibo, Puerto Rico. This cave has a bunch of very pretty formations such as stalagmites and stalactites. It has a number of smaller caves, tunnels and hiding spots. Window Cave has stalagmites and stalactites, reaching out of the floor and ceiling like jagged teeth in the gaping maw of the cavern. The passage finishes dramatically, opening into a spellbinding hole in the face of the cliff and framing the lush Río Grande de Arecibo valley far below. The scenic vistas from this vantage point have attracted visitors for decades, providing views across the entire valley and down to the ground below.

La Guancha - Ponce Puerto Rico - Parte XV [01:04]
Bajo la sombra de este manglar pasa usted tremendos momentos...
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