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Casa Islena Inn Rincon - Puerto Rico [01:15]
This once simple oceanfront home has been renovated with Spanish architecture and the colors of the Caribbean. Once you pass through our gates you enter a place of tranquility and beauty. Casa Islena offers a casual elegance with its design and furnishings. Each of our 9 rooms are gracefully decorated in warm colors, and offer cable television and air conditioning. Casa Islea is located on a beautiful beach, great for morning and afternoon strolls. The oceanfront pool is a great place to cool off and relax after a busy day of sightseeing. From the inns pool and terraces, guests can enjoy the views of Aguadilla Bay and Mona Passage. Winter guests are treated to the migration of humpback whales and the talents of our local surfers. Casa Islea offers warm individual attention, high quality, and an unforgettable stay in Rincon. Find out more:

Puerto Rico - Gran Canaria - Spain [00:47]
Video of the tourist resort of Puerto Rico on the island of Gran Canary in Spain. The resort is situated on the south side of the island. This is the spot on the island with the most sunny and warm days.

Caribbean Islands [02:08]
Are you looking for a warm paradise island to escape to for a while? With over 35 unique destinations, the Caribbean provides a wide variety of tropical isles for all kinds of vacationers. Beach-goers will be delighted with the white sand beaches in most of the Caribbean; those in search of waves will want to head to beaches on the eastern side of those islands closest to the Atlantic, while snorkelers may prefer the calmer waters of beaches facing the Caribbean Sea. There are many other ways to enjoy the warm waters off the shores of these beautiful islands, including surfing, sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and swimming with dolphins! On land, the larger towns provide excellent shopping opportunities, lush rainforests are home to hundreds of plant and bird species, and golf courses and horse stables provide some other activities. The islands also range in size and popularity; some attract cruise ships, shoppers, or families, while others are small and secluded — perfect for newlyweds on their honeymoons and for romantic annivarsary trips. All in all, there are about 50 islands in the Caribbean, ranging from small coral outcrops to large nations. The Windward Islands include Grenada, St. Lucia, Dominica, and St. Vincent. These four islands face the Trade Winds in a line of volcanic peaks, and are known for its breathtaking beaches. Because the Windwards were once owned by France, French heritage is still strong there. There is also a heavy African influence, with ...
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Puerto Rico [01:58]
This is my first foray into using iMovie, which is slightly frustrating but also kind of fun. Strangely the evil point & shoot takes better movies than photos. All the surfing footage is from Maria's. The stuff of Carlos is from the evening of the first day we were there. He's riding a 60's Hansen 50/50 with the pintail shaved to make it round, and a finbox added, with some sort of crazy flex fin in it. Anything I have of him riding big waves outside of the two pics I took of him @ Tres on this camera were on my Holga I think...still waiting for that film to come back. The battery on this camera tended to die within 45 minutes so I didn't get much of him riding. Next time I'm taking my 60D. But this is what it was like. Waves and warm and Desecheo Island on the horizon, palm trees and turtles and coquis, waking up at 5:45 every day to surf.
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"Endearing Litter Beach in Levittown, PR" [00:21]
Across from a chain hotel here is this beach, it's loaded with bottle caps, plastic cups, straws, you name it! BUT, if you plop yourself on a small free patch of sand well, it's FANTASTIC!!! Why? Because on weekends people come to make picnics, play music and be with each other so..the reason to come here is for the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun and to admire the wonderful people of Puerto Rico living the richest life one can imagine and they are simply HAPPY to dance and be with loved ones for the rest of their days. THAT is awesome to me to be able to witness.
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