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Spring Break 2012-Puerto Rico [16:23]
WATCH IN HD Spring Break 2012 activities in Puerto Rico. Hiking, waves, skim boarding, windsurfing and more.... (Edit I of II)

Hurricane Irene 2011, Bahamas 3pm 25th August [03:03]
The wind drop off about 4 hours after the Hurricane had past, we went out only to find the wind had picked up again, you can see from the video the waves com...

Piñones Beach, Puerto Rico [01:02]
Another one of my favorite get away places in Puerto Rico. This is in Piñones, Carolina, right next to the San Juan airport. You can hear the planes overhead. Very nice and peaceful. The coral reef in the back forms a natural barrier against strong waves and the water level never goes above your waist. It's like your own private, natural, sea water pond.

Carl Fields Surfing Wildo [01:11]
Carl enjoying some quality waves at Wilderness, Puerto Rico on a longboard surfboard.

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