Puerto Rico’s Aguirre Golf Club

Would you like to experience a golfer's paradise? All you need do is visit the Aguirre Golf Club that is situated in the town of Salinas. The Aguirre Golf Club is legendary in Puerto Rico and is well known around the world by all golf lovers. It is interesting to note that the Aguirre Golf Club is nestled in the midst of an old sugar plantation.

Aguirre Golf Club is the Island’s oldest golf course. You would not want to miss out on this great golfer’s dream. This golf course is a favorite of many golfers young and old. This popular nine-hole course is known for its difficult and challenging rounds that even keep experienced and expert players busy for hours. However for those who are not so serious about their golf and want to take it easy, you can enjoy the surrounding views of the mountains and sea. Salinas is home to the Puerto Rican Museum of Sports, so after a good game you can also enjoy a walk in the town of Salinas with its main attractions the botanical gardens and water park. Wives who have had enough of golf may also want to enjoy a shopping trip in Salinas. The town is surrounded by many other interesting places and destinations. In fact, why not bring your family along to experience the many beautiful, unforgettable sights while you are playing golf? As a family you will also enjoy seeing the southern coast of the island were you will find awesome sea grass beds with small beach deposits. There are also upland areas to visit. Guided tours are offered upon request and reservation. So start planning a trip to Salinas and particularly to the Aguirre Golf Club if you are a keen golfer.

As mentioned, Aguirre is the oldest golf facility on the island. It has a very unusual terrain and narrow fairways and this makes playing here a challenge – even for the professionals. The club has equipment available for rental and a pro shop is also available if you are in need of anything. Note that both soft and metal spikes are allowed on the greens. Aguirre Golf Course has stood the test of time. You will never regret coming to visit this most amazing destination. The layout of this beautiful course will make your trip worth while. The sugar industry in the surrounding region fell apart some decades ago and the area has lost much of its former grandeur, but it does not detract from the many beautiful features that this golf course has become famous for. So bring your family and enjoy the fun and excitement of Aguirre Golf Club.

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