Stunning El Legado Golf Resort

Located in the south of Puerto Rico is a hidden treasure. On 285 acres of stunning land surrounded by mountains and the sparkling Caribbean Sea, an adventure awaits those who visit the El Legado Golf Resort. El Legado is situated in Barrio Cimarrona and is the brainchild of renowned golf professional Chi Chi Rodriguez. This remarkable golf resort offers patrons a magnificent luxurious experience filled with natural beauty, peace, fun and security. El Legado Golf Resort is almost paradisaic.

Those who come to Puerto Rico’s El Legado Golf Resort with the purpose of playing a great round will not be disappointed. The golf course itself is set amidst scenic gardens, beside waterfalls, passing fountains and within close proximity to glistening lakes. This exceptional golf course has been designed with championship events in mind, so you can be sure it will be a challenge.

Beginning at hole number one of El Legado’s golf course, you may be mesmerized for a few seconds by the splendid surroundings as you look out over the challenge that awaits you. Measuring 422 yards, hole one stands at par 4 with an impressive bunker to the left. After conquering your first hole for the day, head off to number 2. This 457-yard fairway has a slight left dogleg as there are two bunkers on the left. This hole gives you a double approach option. Hole three is a par 4 at 402 yards. Prevailing winds tend to flush through here and you’ll need a good tee shot. Next up is hole 4, measuring 400 yards. This 4 par hole has a true dogleg right with some bunkers to avoid. Following on is a 214 yards hole 5; a beautiful par 3 with a pond. Hole 6 is 395 yards with a pond to the left. This par 4 is known for playing downwind. From there you’ll head to number 7, a par 5. Bunkers on the left and a prevailing wind create a challenge. Then it’s on to Hole 8, a 225 yards par 3. An impressive pond extends right along the hole. Hole 9 is an impressive 601 yards. The right side of this par 5 is guarded by a pond and stream channel. Next is Hole 10. Three bunkers mark this 410 yard par 4 hole. Wind is a big factor on Hole 11 – which is a 195 yards par 3. Hole 12 could be the most difficult depending on the wind. It is a 435 yards par 4. After that, it’s a par 5 for hole 14. The green on this 575-yard hole is guarded by a large bunker. Hole 15 features a long dogleg right. The 445-yard par 4 hole is marked by 3 bunkers to the right, with plenty more around the green. Then you can move to Hole 16, a par 3 and the longest at 242 yards. Measuring in at 420 yards is Hole 17, a par 4. Now the wind will be at your back and you will have to cross the stream channel to get to the green. Hole 18 with a dogleg right and stream channel on the right is 408 yards and par 4. The day ends with Hole 19. A truly amazing par 5 with the stream channel running through it and waterfalls, not to be forgotten are the well-placed bunkers. This 582-yard hole will blow you away with its brilliant design and amazing setting.

After you enjoy an exceptional day of golfing at El Legado’s golf course, you can relax in the luxury clubhouse. Inside this 5-star establishment there is a fine restaurant, bar, member’s room, pro-shop, lockers and store. Aside from these fine facilities El Legado Golf Resort has a number of excellent villas which can be purchased for those who find golf estate living truly appealing.

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