Touring Puerto Rico’s Beaches and Mountains On Horseback

Whether you’re a keen horse rider or have just always had a special place in your heart for these majestic creatures, the idea of riding a horse on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico will likely appeal to you. Puerto Rico is a stunning country with a variety of natural settings to enjoy and a horseback ride along the beach or through the countryside makes for the perfect afternoon out. Of course, you may be quite tired afterwards but the memory will make the effort worthwhile. There are a number of tour companies offering guided horse trails in Puerto Rico or even horse riding lessons which will be more than happy to cater for you or a group of your friends. They have horses suited to every level of skill and the horses are usually well cared for and happy. They have calm temperaments to instill confidence in beginners, but enough spirit to make for a more challenging ride if you are more experienced.

Some of the trails are situated along the beach and you may well find that the most common trail ride hours are in the early morning and late evening when the weather is at its best. Riders who take the evening trail may find themselves enjoying the soft sunsets as their horses plod sweetly in the sand, the sound of the surf lapping the shore in their ears. Riding on the beach is a romantic picture that so many horse enthusiasts have wanted to try. Well, in Puerto Rico, you can do just that. Other horse trails may be located further inland with a focus on indigenous forest and shrub that will leave you with a new respect for nature. Still other trails may be able to incorporate various features of the natural landscape, such as the beach, the coastal forest and even caves. You may be able to stop along the way for a bite to eat and a quick swim – or just pause to take a beautiful photo of your friends.

Often the horses most commonly used on these trails are the native Paso Fino breed. These horses have an exceptionally smooth gait and make for an enjoyable ride. However, not all horses used for trail rides are Paso Finos so it is wise not to make this assumption about your mount until you are told its breeding by your guide. The majority of the trail horses are also kitted out in western tack which many European riders may find a bit uncomfortable at first. However, after an hour or two in the saddle you will be able to appreciate the design of the western saddle which was created to provide comfort for long hours in the saddle. So try a trail ride in Puerto Rico and discover the island’s unspoilt beauty from the back of one of these magnificent creatures.

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