Galleries and Art Exhibits Throughout Puerto Rico

For many centuries art has played a vital role in Puerto Rican culture. An exceptional form of self-expression, artworks can give one great insight into topics of concern in the country over the ages. There are a number of renowned past and contemporary artists using a variety of media in Puerto Rico. As such, art fans will have a great time exploring the various art galleries scattered around the country. Even if you aren't an big art lover, a visit to one or two of Puerto Rico's art galleries or art museums is a must.

The suburb of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico is a rich treasure trove of artworks. Numerous galleries in the town are filled with meaningful paintings, sculptures and other artistic media. Whilst exploring the Puerto Rican art galleries you will come across fascinating pre-Columbian works as well as newer works produced in our time.

Each of these fine art galleries will take you on a special journey. For a deeper look into the history of art, visit one or more of Puerto Rico’s art museums. The Museo de Arte de Ponce has a remarkable collection where each piece is carefully displayed in the honeycomb-shaped rooms. Artworks exhibited here include those from Puerto Rico and from other countries. Look out for masterpieces by Francisco Oller, Rossetti, Jan van Eyck, Murillo, Diego Rivera and José Campeche. Also worth a visit are the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Popular art. So, whether you are a major art enthusiast or just mildly interested, be sure to include a visit to one of Puerto Rico’s art galleries on your itinerary.

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