San Juan’s Famous Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts Gallery

Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts is a fascinating Puerto Rican art gallery located in San Juan. It falls under the care of Eugenia Rosario Seda, a private dealer with high credibility in Puerto Rico's art community. Over the years it has displayed artworks by talented individuals such as Rafael Tufiño, Francisco Rodon and Julio Rosado del Valle. Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts is concerned chiefly with the trading of art but also provides other services including accurate appraisals, restorations and framing.

The works of many exceptional artists can be found at Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts. One such artist is Lorenzo Homar, born in 1913 in the city of San Juan. This great artist studied at several major institutes and became a well-known painter, printmaker and engraver. Later on he became one of the founding members of the Centro de Arte Puertorriqueño. He did much to aid young talent and was awarded many prestigious prizes for his brilliant artworks.

Another artist featured at Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts is Rafael Tufiño. Tufiño was born in 1922 in New York City but moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 10. In later years he studied art with Alejandro Sanchez. He held his first expressionist exhibition in 1942. In 1947 he moved to Mexico and joined the Academia San Carlos. It was here that he began working with linoleum engraving. Along with Lorenzo Homar he was a founder of Centro de Arte Puertorriqueño. Puerto Rico and its culture played a large role in his art works and he became known as an urban artist. Tufiño also taught many workshops and classes regarding art. He is considered one of the best artists in Puerto Rico and his works are definitely something you’ll want to see.

Claudia Del Mar Fine Arts also displays artworks by Carlos Irizarry who was born in Santa Isabel in 1938. A fantastic engraver and painter, Irizarry studied at New York’s School of Art and Design. During his career he received much praise and many awards for his striking works. Irizarry taught at Liga de Estudiantes de Arte. His works can also be seen at Museo de Arte e Historia San Juan and Museo de Arte de Ponce.

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