View Fine Art Work at Galeria Bauco

Galeria Bauco is a wonderful art gallery to visit, a place where you can appreciate the fine art works they have on display. It is also an art gallery that handles paintings which may need to be restored or conserved. The title of the gallery is taken from the name of the gallery's owner who is not only considered a talented artist, but is also recognized for his skill in restoring and framing artwork. His full name is Guillermo Lopez Bauco. Bauco was born in 1944, making his move to Puerto Rico only in 1973 to establish his gallery. Make a point of visiting the Galeria Bauco, situated at Calle Rafael Lamar 305, Hato Rey, San Juan, you won't be disappointed.

Guillermo Lopez Bauco’s skill of art restoration came from being an apprentice to the famous Professor William F. Haney in California. Bauco has restored many famous pieces completed by well-known artists through the ages, including Murillo, Corot and Miguel Pou. He also provides services to local artists or homeowners who may have a piece of artwork that needs some special attention. Some of the restoration processes that Bauco provides as a service are varnishing, cleaning and replacing paint that has been damaged or is lost, as well as rectifying canvases that have either been ripped or are actually rotting. You can be assured that all of Guillermo Bauco’s restorations are of the highest standards.

Now to focus a little on what framing services he provides. Guillermo Bauco can assist you with a number of framing services, like producing custom frames for local artists or anyone that has produced artwork. He can also apply gold or silver leaf to a frame you have, or repair it. Apart from this sideline work done at the Galeria Bauco, a lot of Guillermo Lopez Bauco’s attention is focused on his own original fine art, which you can view and purchase at his gallery if you so desire. Included in this exquisite collection are antique oil paintings, which are available for purchase. Bauco’s artwork is beautifully completed, with a lot of work and time put into producing fine pieces of art that are not only stunning to view, but also carry a part of who he is and are a channel through which he expresses himself.

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