Visit Puerto Rico’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Founded in 1984, the Puerto Rican Museum of Contemporary Art was the result of a collaboration between a number of generous artists and the civil society. Those involved decided to form a non-profit institution whereby local artists could display their art and the public could be exposed to a variety of art forms and contemporary art expressions. Known locally as the Museo Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), all the art collected by the museum officially belongs to the people of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican Museum serves not only to educate but to preserve and document art from Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America from 1940 to the present.

Located at the Sacred Heart University in San Juan, the Museum of Contemporary Art is very involved in the local community and sets about achieving its goal of collecting and documenting art by means of an annual calendar of events. These events include exhibitions, social gatherings, displays, performances, art videos, creative workshops and concerts and recitals that employ a variety of different art forms in addition to the main event. It also works hard to expand the collection by carefully collaborating with current top artists who then may choose to donate work to the museum’s permanent collection. The museum makes use of printed material as well as film and photography to carefully document the process involved in producing art as well as the influence it has on people. This promotional material may be used to further educate the people of Puerto Rico and stimulate interest in art in both children and adults. Art is also promoted through workshops which engage children, adults and people with impediments by getting them involved with art professionals and enabling them to create their own masterpieces.

Since 2002 the museum has been operating from the historical Rafael M. Building. This is where you will find the museum’s permanent exhibition as well as a variety of promotional material that will serve to educate you about the history of contemporary art in Puerto Rico. Of course, all the information available is in Spanish so it helps to have some understanding of the language. The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and entrance is free. So visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and discover this great museum for yourself.

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