Siddhia Hutchinson’s Art Gallery and Design Studio

If you are looking for something truly unique, look no further than Siddhia Hutchinson’s Fine Art Design Studio & Gallery on the island of Vieques. Owned and operated by Siddhia Hutchinson herself, the renowned artist produces excellent artworks from her studio which she then presents for sale in her gallery. Her colorful, carefully detailed artworks may take different forms and the subject matter is varied but the end result is always the same – a masterpiece worthy of acclaim. There is little wonder, then, that this brilliant Puerto Rican artist has been noted for her artwork in galleries across the globe.

Siddhia Hutchinson is a fine art painter who diversifies by working as an illustrator and designer in addition to producing her masterful paintings. She currently lives on Vieques Island and it is here, near her home, where her main design studio is located though she also has another one in the El Yunque rainforest. The rainforest no doubt provides the perfect inspiration for her paintings, as do the stunning coastal scenes that are provided by Vieques Island. As an artist, Siddhia draws her inspiration from these many beautiful facets of the natural world which surrounds her and the tranquil beauty of Puerto Rico is clearly reflected in her work.

When she is not painting, illustrating or designing, Siddhia works hard at managing her gallery and her wholesale art business. Her business sells prints, textiles and ceramics and she has recently gone into business with Gorky González who is an internationally recognized potter from Mexico. Together the artists have been able to produce a number of incredibly beautiful ceramic masterpieces which are fast drawing attention to the skills of both artists. While the best place to find Siddhia’s artworks are at her own gallery, you can also find them in most of the fine art galleries throughout the Caribbean. If you are thinking of investing in her art, choose carefully since there are a lot of different works available and you may easily find more than one that appeals to you. However when you finally find the one you want you can be confident that you will enjoy it forever.

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