Ballenas Beach – An Isolated Wildlife Reserve

Ballenas Bay is a two-mile stretch of beach with a high level of environmental importance. This is one of the few beaches in Puerto Rico where you do not go to spend time sunning yourself on the sand, sipping cool drink and watching people play in the water. This beach has something entirely different and more magical to offer.

Ballenas beach forms part of an impressive wildlife reserve which is situated in Guánica. Because this stretch of paradise is relatively isolated, the diverse wildlife is well protected and flourishing as a result. The bay itself is an important breeding ground for the manatee. It also provides excellent nesting grounds for the endangered hawksbill and leatherback turtle. Besides these beautiful and mysterious creatures, you may also take time to enjoy the relatively untouched flora of the area. Here you’ll find blue lagoons, mangroves, cacti and coconut palms all rolled into one. This is what paradise was meant to look like.

After spending your time exploring the beach, you may choose to retire at one of the splendid beach resorts or restaurants available. Most of the restaurants offer choice, top quality dishes made according to traditional recipes – the perfect way to relax as the sun sets over the beautiful Ballenas beach.

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