Boqueron Beach – Crystal Waters and Unsurpassed Amenities

Locals and tourists are happy to drive the three hour route from San Juan to Boqueron Beach because not only will they find a spectacular beach, but also a wonderful bay and a friendly village. Boqueron Village is a small, charming and vibrant town that enjoys a friendly atmosphere and plenty of great hospitality. The village has an abundance of open air cantinas, food stalls, souvenir shops and dive shops.

Boqueron Beach is lined with more than a mile long stretch of white sand, and has the clearest turquoise water. Although this beach is very calm and tranquil, it can become a little bit crowded on weekends and especially in the summer holidays. People meet here to share the wonderful amenities Boqueron Beach has to offer, such as picnic tables, bike rentals, a basketball court, snorkeling, scuba-diving, kite-surfing, and many other exciting water sports.

Near to Boqueron Beach is the interesting Los Morillos, which you should definitely pay a visit to. Los Morillos is a sequence of massive reddish limestone cliffs that drop more than 200 feet into the sea. To get to Los Morillos from Boqueron Beach, you can hike through the Cabo Rojo National wildlife reserve where you will see an abundance of wildlife as well as some indigenous and endangered plant and bird species. Cabo Rojo is certainly a bird watcher’s paradise.

No matter what your demands are for a perfect holiday, you will soon agree that Boqueron will not fail to please most people’s adventure needs.

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