Caja de Muerto’s Beach Offers Perfect Sand and Weather

Caja de Muerto is a 2x1-mile island, situated off-shore from the coast of Ponce, which has an abundance of fascinating fauna and flora and a climate similar to that of the Dry Forest in Guanica. It hardly ever rains in this region and this means that locals and visitors alike can enjoy perfect beach weather almost all year round.

Caja de Muerto is the largest of the three bays that make up the Caja de Muerto Nature Reserve. The others are the tiny Cayo Morillito, which is nearby, and Cayo Berbería, which about 3 miles from the mainland. The three islands were declared a natural reserve by the Puerto Rican government in 1978.

Caja de Muerto means “coffin” in Spanish and the name is appropriate since it describes the shape of the island quite well. Many years ago it gained a reputation for being a pirates den and today youngsters and adults love to explore the island in search of treasure. Since it is off the mainland and a part of a nature reserve, you will find that Caja de Muerto is a wonderfully tranquil place. It mainly attracts people who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some quiet serenity to gather their thoughts and restore their sense of well-being.

Caja de Muerto is perfect for scuba-diving and snorkeling as it has shallow reefs surrounding it. It offers a beautiful, clear snorkeling experience with colorful tropical marinelife. For people who enjoy visiting interesting landmarks, the Caja de Muerto is quite easy to reach. Built in 1887 by the Spaniards, this striking building will add an interesting and unforgettable historical aspect to your sight seeing adventure.

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