Cana Gorda Beach – Plants, Birds and Coral Beaches

The Caña Gorda Public Beach is a favorite among locals. Many Puerto Ricans own summer homes here and in the vacation months they can be seen enjoying the beautiful, quiet waters of the bay. House boats are a common sight in the emerald waters and you'll likely feel instantly at home on the warm coral beaches.

Besides the enjoyable strip of white sands, Caña Gorda also offers many other pleasures. You can freely hike the coast to a more secluded spot to enjoy it on your own, or you can pursue some leisurely bird watching. Nearby to the beach is the Guánica Forest Reserve where you can view a wide variety of birds.

Another very enjoyable activity in Caña Gorda is exploring the many small bays and coves that dot the area. None of these are inhabited and they invite the imagination to run wild as you discover nooks and crannies. It is here that you will sometimes be fortunate enough to spot a rare plant or bird species during your exploration.

If the idea of a peaceful lifestyle lived on the sandy shores of a beautiful blue sea teaming with all sorts of colorful marine life appeals to you, then you might just find that Caña Gorda is the sort of place you dream of. Book your stay here now and make the most of it.

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