Shacks Beach Understated Beauty

Isabela is well known for its spectacular white sandy beaches and its turquoise waters. People from all over the world travel here to spend time sun bathing and swimming on the dazzling beaches. One of the more popular beaches is known as Shacks Beach.

The beach is situated on the western tip of the Island. Here, the vast waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet to provide some stunning shoreline and idyllic winds. Shacks beach may be just one of many fine beaches in the area, but it has a reason to stand out on its own.

Shacks beach is known internationally as being a great windsurfing spot – though fortunately this has not led to it being overcrowded. During the winter months it has a constant 15 to 18 knot trade wind that provides many wind surfers with hours of pleasure. Another two water sport activities which seem to have taken off in a big way here are kite-surfing and wave jumping.

For the rest of us, soaking up the sun and spending some time in a brilliantly colored sea might be all we need to keep us satisfied during our holiday. You could also choose to take a walk along the shore and keep and eye out for that one ‘perfect’ shell. You never know just what you’ll find amongst the ‘sea grapes’ on shacks beach!

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