Sun Bay Beach and its Bioluminescent Glow

The island of Vieques is a popular destination amongst tourists who visit Puerto Rico. Vieques offers numerous opportunities to soak up the sun on sandy beaches, and one of the most appreciated destinations is Sun Bay Beach. Sparkling blue waters, rows of palm trees, beautiful scenery and top-class facilities make Sun Bay Beach a vacationer’s paradise.

Sun Bay is situated to the east of Esperanza and is formed by the projections of Punta Negra and Cayo de Tierra, which both act as wind buffers. The beach itself stretches for approximately a mile. Edging the broad beach is lush tropical vegetation, including two varieties of coconut palms, almond trees and sea grapes. A popular attraction is the semi-wild horses that graze in areas around the bay.

The calm waters of Sun Bay Beach are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Underwater sights include starfish, fish and underwater vegetation. Fishing and boating are other common water sporting activities. The beach attracts large numbers of visitors and has the facilities to accommodate this. Facilities include bathrooms, showers, food kiosks, picnic tables, public telephones and camping sites. There are also interesting hiking trails for those who want to get active. These will take you to a number of fantastic look-out points and other attractions.

Sun Bay Beach may not be located near your accommodation, but it is well worth the brief drive to this little piece of paradise.

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