Finding a Sanctuary at Zen Spa and Health Studio

The Zen Spa and Health Studio is situated in San Juan - the capital city of the tropical island of Puerto Rico. When you have explored the sights of San Juan, such as the historic San Juan Cathedral, you may want to take time out at the Zen Spa Health Studio. The studio features twelve guest rooms where the treatments take place, a gym that caters for your physical health and a restaurant and lounge area where you can relax and enjoy exquisite cuisine.

The Zen Spa incorporates all the philosophies that go along with the Zen lifestyle: that of inner peace, simplicity and reliance on nature’s ability to heal. This philosophy originally comes from Mahayana Buddhism, which focuses on tuning all five senses to such a degree that one is deeply aware of all the things happening around them. Someone who practices Zen trains their senses to be highly sensitive and this takes them to a level above that of normal people, where they can connect and understand the intense nature of things.

The Day Spa and Health Studio provides an array of treatments using pure and natural ingredients to revitalize the body and create an internal balance that is greatly affected by the lifestyles we lead. Some of the natural ingredients used to give you this peaceful state of mind are products like seaweed, various salts, water and oils. The Zen Sanctuary focuses on providing complete face and body treatments that incorporates traditional procedures from the East.

Unlike other spas that many guests have visited, the Zen Spa has two therapists working on you at any one time, combining different techniques to enhance your well being. These processes include the use of acupuncture, a Chinese technique that unblocks chi, warm oils and stone therapy – which is a type of thermo therapy. Try the four-layer Facial: an excellent way of clearing and revitalizing your skin, which is exposed to many harmful toxins and pollution. Four layers of seaweed are placed on your face and it is the minerals inside of the seaweed that re-hydrates your skin and removes all the impurities.

Acupuncture uses long thin needles that are placed in certain areas of the body in an attempt to balance opposing forces that affect your body physically and mentally. It is thought that all things have energy or chi and this must flow freely. It is the blocking of this chi that leads to people getting sick. Stone therapy is the use of different basalt rocks that are warmed up and placed on different parts of your body. This technique includes the use of cold marble stones and has been proven by the medical and scientific community to have important benefits.

This is one of the ultimate spa experiences that you could ever take part in and is certainly something you should definitely try when visiting the charming city of San Juan.

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