The Architectural Wonder of Casa Roig

The extraordinary home of the Roig family was constructed specifically for its original owner, Antonio Roig. The home was inaugurated as a museum because it is one of the very few surviving structures that were designed and constructed by Antonin Nechodoma. The Casa Roig is located in the city of Humacao in Puerto Rico and is the property of the University of Puerto Rico.

Antonin Nechodoma was a very popular and sought after architect in Puerto Rico in the past. He designed and oversaw the construction of many buildings on the island at the time, but few remain to stand as testimony of the skill and talent that Nechodoma harbored. He was greatly influenced by the architectural designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, but adapted the style to become a unique Nechodoma creation. Construction on Casa Roig was carried out between 1919 and 1920 and the T-shaped house was everything that could have been expected from a mansion of wealthy Puerto Rican. Nechodoma met an extremely tragic and early death in an automobile accident in 1928. Fortunately, the University of Puerto Rico recognized the significance of the building and restored it to the popular attraction in Puerto Rico that it is today.

Restoration work was a slow and very detailed process as the building had fallen into disrepair. The University managed to recover the original plans for the house and also took photos of door knobs and window fasteners that were still complete to allow them to manufacture exact replicas. Professional artisans and wood specialists were brought in to ensure that every detail of the restoration remained authentic and as close to the original product as possible.

Today, the Casa Roig stands proudly as a magnificent example of the spectacular and talented work that was produced by Antonin Nechodoma. Not only is the building a masterpiece, but so are the many contemporary art pieces that are on exhibit within the museum. Work created by artists such as Luis Torres, Jose Alicea, Daniel Lind Ramos, Maris Luisa Penne Castillo, Angel Nevarez, Sandra Martinez, Martha Matos, Ralph de Romero, E. Tevares and Ruben Rios can be viewed here. The Casa Roig is a marvelous attraction in Puerto Rico as it combines history, art and architecture perfectly.

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