Explore the Amazing Collection at Coamo Museum

The Coamo Museum, or Coamo Historical Museum, is located in Coamo and is a popular attraction in Puerto Rico. The beautiful, elegant home which houses the Coamo Museum was constructed for a wealthy Spanish merchant, Jose Pomar, in 1840. The two-storey mansion had its storage facilities and stores on the lower level and its residential area on the upper floor. It has survived numerous owners and the Spanish-American War. Today it is seen as being a significant architectural masterpiece of the past and it also serves as the Coamo Historical Museum.

The Neoclassical style building was eventually purchased from its last owner by the Municipality of Coamo and inaugurated as a museum in 1979. The museum has a picturesque courtyard where exhibits are displayed and the interior of the building still has its original ausubo and ucar wooden beams with white pine doors and window frames. Because the home was purchased together with the original furniture many of the rooms, such as the dining room, main bedroom, kitchen and living rooms, still look as if they are expecting their owners and guests at any time. Beautifully crafted lamps, rare mahogany and cedar furniture, intricate sculptures and masterful paintings can be seen in their original settings.

The museum also boasts a staggering collection of artifacts that once formed part of the private collection of Ramon Rivera Bermudez. The artifacts that once belonged to Jose Ignacio Quinton were donated to the museum by his son. Many of the items were collected by the previous owner of the house, Mr. Florenio Santiago, on his many travels to the Middle East, Italy and to Spain. Documents and archeological artifacts that were in the possession of Bobby Capo were also donated to the museum by his family members.

This extraordinary attraction in Puerto Rico holds a unique part of Puerto Rican history within its walls. The house and its contents provide one with a fascinating look into the past of the island and it remains a wonderful example of the masonry of the time. Visitors to the Coamo Historical Museum will be pleasantly surprised at the great variety of exhibits and the number of authentic items that have survived the test of time.

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