Stunning Exhibits at the Museo de Arte Dr. Pio Lopez Martinez

The Museo de Arte Dr. Pio Lopez Martinez is also known as the Pio Lopez Martinez Museum, the Frade Museum and the Dr Pio Lopez Martinez Museum of Art. It is located on the Cayey Campus of the University of Puerto Rico in the city of Cayey. The museum is named after and dedicated to the professor, director and the founder of the museum, Dr. Pio Lopez Martinez.

The official inauguration of the Pio Lopez Martinez Museum took place on 11 June 1979. One of the reasons that the Dr. Pio Lopez Martinez Museum of Art is referred to the Frade Museum is that most of the exhibits in the museum contain the work and memorabilia of well-known painter Ramon Frade. His diverse masterpieces were created in pastels, oils, watercolors and even intricate sketches. Today these adorn the walls of what is known as Frade House. The museum is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the work that was done by this artist between the years of 1896 to 1954. The personal belongings of Ramon Frade, such as architectural designs, documents, books and furniture, were generously donated to the permanent exhibition.

Another wonderful attraction at the Museo de Arte Dr. Pio Lopez Martinez is the Lorenzo Homar Room. This exhibit shows the importance of the posters that were designed by Lorenzo Homar as they promoted traditional festivals, music and instruments of Puerto Rico. This masterful artist opened an entirely new doorway to the art of the island. The exhibit also has marvelous displays of historical posters, Christmas Posters and those that were created to promote films.

In recent years the museum has started to host outdoor youth workshops that have been extremely successful. Here students are able to learn artistic skills such as wood carving, designing and mosaics. Visitors to the museum will be able to enjoy the colorful and skillful exhibits of both Lorenzo Homar and Ramon Frade. The Museum also has a variety of works by other well-known artists on display. It is a museum that not only dazzles guests with vibrant masterpieces, but also provides a glimpse into the diverse history of Puerto Rico.

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