The Breathtaking Bridge of Bayamon City Hall

If you visit Puerto Rico you may well discover for yourself that Bayamón is one of the most progressive cities on the island. One very popular tourist destination in this city is the Bayamón City Hall. The city hall is quite an interesting building as it features a somewhat unique architectural design that has been attempted in only a few places in the world. When the building was initially built, it was one of the first buildings to feature this particular aspect of design.

The Bayamón City Hall in Puerto Rico opened its doors in 1980 under the supervision of Mayor Ramon Luis Rivera. Today his son, Ramon Luis Rivera Jr, continues to serve in this position of office and so, in a sense, this particular city hall has only ever served as a home office for PNP mayors. The building is located next to the El Parque del tren – which is also a tourist attraction – so a visit to the two are often combined. What makes the city hall so unusual is that it spans an entire avenue. Visitors are able to enter the building next to the avenue and board an elevator that takes them to the bridge on the second floor. Most of the bridge features large glass windows so visitors can make their way across the bridge whilst looking down on the cars that pass underneath. If you would like to walk on the bridge you will have to park at the city hall parking, walk to the avenue and enter the building next to the avenue where you will find the elevator. In this sense, a visit to the Bayamón City Hall has often been likened to a visit to the Eiffel tower since the process of getting to the tower is much the same.

Visitors will find that the upper levels of the Bayamón City Hall are used for office activities, such as citizen complaints and city planning, but visitors are welcomed. The City Hall also features a nice theatre where many come to enjoy performances and plays staged by many of the country’s top actors. The Bayamón City Hall was the only building in Latin America to features a bridge crossing from one side of an avenue to the other. Today it remains the only such building in the Caribbean. So visit this interesting attraction and maybe take in a performance at the theatre. You’ll find it is a great treat!

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