Jardin Botanico y Cultural de Caguas – Great Exhibits Within a Unique Park

Caguas is home to a rather unique theme park known locally as the Jardin Botanico y Cultural de Caguas (Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden). The park’s main goal is to educate and inform the public about the way that certain facets of Puerto Rican culture are related to nature and tropical agriculture. It also explores the fascinating history of the area.

The Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden is located in the Caguas neighbourhood of Canabon. It was once part of an old sugar mill called Hacienda San Jose, which served as the main agricultural centre for the Turabo Valley during the 19th and early 20th centuries. At that time the Turabo Valley played a vitally important role in the island’s annual agricultural yield.

When you visit the Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden in Puerto Rico, you’ll find that it offers guests educational tours, virtual presentations, well-marked breathtaking walking trails and a variety of publications and special activities that will help you to learn more about the rich legacy of this educational theme park. Some of the topics you will be able to explore include: the history of ancient wit and Hacienda San Jose, the sugar industry in Caguas, the cultural and ecological importance of trees and other plants (ethnobotany), the ecology of Turabo Valley, traditional agriculture and other aspect of rural life in Puerto Rico, green medicine and they role it plays in both folklore and science, and the various sustainable technologies that have been implemented in Puerto Rico.

The Gardens also have plenty of great exhibitions, including the African Ancestral Grove, the Taino Ancestral Grove, the Forest Heritage, The Orchard, The Historic Area, the Riverside Corridor, the Artisan Square, the Tropical Wetlands, the Planting of the Artisan Puertorriqueno, La Arboleda Criolla Turabo River Valley and the Jibara Family and Agricultural Seeding.

The Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden is generally open from 8:30-17:30, though the schedule may change or be extended on request. Admission costs are usually $10 per a person with children under two years being admitted for free (subject to change). If you are visiting between 30 March and 14 April you’ll find that admittance is free (subject to change). Groups of 25 or more may also obtain special rates. If you’d like to learn more about unique way that culture and nature have been intertwined in the Caribbean, make sure that you visit the stunning Jardin Botanico y Cultural de Caguas!

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