Casa Cautino – A Museum That Was Once Home of a Spanish Colonel

The Casa Cautino is a masterpiece that was built for an extremely rich and well-respected family. The home was the dream and vision of Genaro Cautino Vàzquez, a colonel in the Spanish Army and a landowner. Manuel Texidor was recruited by the Cautino family to design and oversee the building of Casa Cautino in 1887. Casa Cautino is located in Guayama and is seen as a historical Puerto Rican site. The building itself was constructed in a Creole and neoclassical style. The architecture of the building makes the Casa Cautino a wonderful treat to see.

Casa Cautino was occupied by the United States during the
Spanish-American war, but the Cautino family was able to return to their home
after the troops left. The house was constructed in the shape of a ‘U’, with a
central patio. The beauty and the fascination of this unique home has lived
on over the years and it has been renovated into a spectacular museum.

Exhibits in the museum include beautifully handcrafted furniture and sculptures that have been carved by the talented hands of local artists. There are also some pieces that have been created by Caribbean and Latin artists. Detailed paintings adorn the walls and with breathtaking carvings bring the museum to life. The museum offers visitors regular fascinating educational events. It also features a vast number of historical documents and new discoveries that are made through continuous research. Glasses that have been painted with gold and imported from France are also on display – as is the spectacular chandelier that originates from Murano and which is made from hand blown glass before it is decorated and completed.

Various artists also get the opportunity to display their work at the Casa Cautino Museum and this helps develop the art and culture of Guayama. One extremely popular and talented artist who had an exhibition in the Casa Cautino in the 1990’s is Thomas Batista. He now has a permanent exhibition of his work in the museum to be viewed and admired with the rest of the building. The Casa Cautino is not just another historical Puerto Rican site but a jewel from the past. It has been painstakingly preserved in order to share the past with future generations and to remind visitors of the rich heritage that has shaped and developed Puerto Rico.

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