Casa de Espana – A Wonder of Spanish-Moorish Architecture

If you are planning to tour San Juan in Puerto Rico, the Casa de España is definitely one place you should visit. This beautiful old building is not really open to the public on a regular basis, but certain portions of the building are available for rent and the building is often used to host events. Whatever the case, you can get a few good photos from the perimeter fence to show to friends back home. This beautiful building is white with a golden stone trim that almost makes it look as if it is decorated with gold. The architectural styling is simply sublime and if you are fortunate enough to get into the building, you will likely be delighted by what you find.

The Casa de España was built in 1932 to act as the business front for a private civic and cultural organization. The organization was made up mostly of Spanish citizens who lived in Puerto Rico at the time and this is clearly reflected in the choice to make use of Spanish Moorish architecture. The building was designed by Pedro de Castro, a Puerto Rican architect, who made good use of various elements of Spanish Moorish architecture in his design. Apart from the obvious architectural embellishments, de Castro also used towers, an interior courtyard gallery and a lot of colored tiles to complete his design. The building has certainly served its purpose well as it is today still used as the headquarters of the organization for which it was originally built. This organization has played a large role in the preservation of the country’s Spanish cultural heritage over the years and its members today continue to be people of Spanish descent.

So where will you find this architectural masterpiece? It is appropriately located on Ponce de León Avenue in San Juan. Its many graceful archways and intricate towers are easy to spot and you will find that the building immediately catches your eye. So if you have an appreciation for good architecture and intricate buildings, make sure that you take a walk past this beautiful building on your next trip to Puerto Rico.

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