Visit Puerto Rico’s Biosphere Reserve at Gilligan’s Island

Puerto Rico is perhaps one of the nicest places in the Caribbean to visit for a long term holiday. But sometimes it is nice to get away from civilization and enjoy a little bit of island paradise. Gilligan’s Island can help you do that. Located near Guanica, the island is actually part of a biosphere reserve. It is a popular place for people to visit on weekends since it is the perfect place to go swimming and snorkeling.

Of course, the Gilligan’s Island from the 1960s television show was not real at all, but rather was part of a film set in one of the many film studios in Hollywood. However, the TV series did spawn romantic images of deserted tropical islands and it is this illustration that Gilligan’s Island in Puerto Rico, off the coast of Guanica, closely resembles. Though the island does have several small structures, these have been constructed for the convenience of those visiting the island and they provide basic, necessary services such as changing rooms and restrooms. Other than this, the island is largely uninhabited by man and instead emphasis has been put on carefully preserving the natural habitat on Gilligan’s Island. The island forms part of the Guanica Biosphere Reserve which is some 4000 hectares in size. It can be easily reached by ferry for a small fee and is the perfect place to go snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing.

Most of the activities on the island take place in one of the many mangrove cays that can be found on the island. Here the water is clear and the sand is white. There is also a cool current which runs through the mangrove canals, so you can cool off quite easily by just taking a swim. If you head a little further inland you will discover beautiful subtropical dry forest and blissful peace and tranquility. Some tourism companies will try to make extra money by offering you a tour of the island which you may take if you wish; but if you simply want to swim and snorkel this tour is completely unnecessary. A ferry is available from behind the Copamarina Hotel at Guanica and it will make the trip for a relatively low fee. So for a great Caribbean Island getaway, make sure that you include a trip to Gilligan’s Island the next time you visit Puerto Rico.

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