Try the Marquesa Canopy Tour at La Marquesa Forest Reserve

If you’re looking for a new and exciting perspective on the wonders of nature, you should definitely head out to the La Marquesa Forest Reserve in Puerto Rico. The Original Canopy Tour Company has launched a canopy tour at this fantastic location that will have you up close and personal with all flora and fauna. The Marquesa Canopy Tour will give you a new perspective on life.

The lush green tropical forests of the La Marquesa Forest Reserve surround the city of Guaynabo and are located less than 30 minutes from San Juan. This means they are perfectly located for visitors looking for a bit of ecotourism or a short day trip out of San Juan. The Marquesa Canopy Tour helps visitors to sail through the tree-tops, giving them a bird’s eye view of life in the forest. It consists of a network of pulleys and double horizontal cables that have been carefully and securely installed. Visitors are able to harness themselves to this network of zip lines and travel from one tree-top platform to the next at a height of between 10 and 70 feet above the ground. Since they are in the tree tops for much of the tour, they will find themselves surrounded by bird and animal life. The Marquesa Canopy Tour provides a unique and exciting take on wildlife excursions.

The tour consists of 8 traverses and 14 platforms and visitors are able to enjoy about 2 hours in the tree tops. The outing is also age-friendly and both young and old can make the most of this fantastic facility. Those wanting to try the Marquesa Canopy Tour will need to book with the tour company who will meet you about five minutes from the start of the tour and guide you the rest of the way. On arrival, the first thing everyone should do is make use of the rustic ablution facilities since it will be difficult to go to the bathroom later once you are suspended dozens of feet above the ground in a complicated harness. With that out the way, the well-trained and friendly professionals will help you into your harness and give you instruction and safety tips before your tour can begin.

The tree-tops offer some exceptional views of San Juan and its port when the weather is good. But mostly you’ll be scanning the trees and ground for animals, birds and plants. The tour offers a truly exceptional way to enjoy nature and a mild adrenaline rush for those who are not so good with heights. So give the Marquesa Canopy Tour in Puerto Rico a try – it truly is a unique experience.

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