Explore the Unsurpassed Aguirre Forest Reserve

As you can imagine, Puerto Rico has many beautiful nature reserves and protected areas just waiting to be discovered. The cities in Puerto Rico are largely confined to certain parts of the island and, while there are a number of farms and small farming communities, there is still plenty of land that has been designated as a protected natural environment. As you travel from one part of the island to another, you will discover many sign boards pointing out the various reserves. This means that the majority of nature reserves in Puerto Rico are easy to find. One such nature reserve is the Aguirre Forest Reserve.

While the Aguirre Forest Reserve is not widely advertised, it is a great little place to go to discover the wonders of coastal forests. The reserve is easy to navigate as there is a boardwalk which takes you through the mangroves and keeps you dry. You can also board a kayak for a trip down the canal. The reserve is run by the Departmento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (DRNA), known in English as the Department of Natural Resources of the Government of Puerto Rico. While it does not, as yet, have any camping facilities, the reserve is open to the public and the trails are easily navigated on foot. The Aguirre Forest Reserve has mangroves, tidal flats, research lakes and a number of bird rookeries where the average bird enthusiast will be able to spend hours observing several of Puerto Rico’s bird populations as they go about their daily activities. You will also find that the Aguirre Forest Reserve is home to a large manatee population that will keep any person fascinated and entertained.

The Aguirre Forest Reserve is situated in Guayama. This region lies in the midst of the Southern Coastal Valley region and is bordered by the Caribbean Sea. Much of the surrounding area is used for farming and the most common crops produced here are sugar, tobacco and coffee. There are also a number of livestock farms and the region has excellent irrigation. So visit the Aguirre Forest Reserve and enjoy the many intricacies of this natural wonderland for yourself.

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