San Juan’s Historic Del Parque Theatre

Puerto Rico is home to a number of top theaters that provide compelling performances with their own local flair. From ballet to musical productions, culture vultures will be impressed with the options.

Many of the performances are in Spanish since they cater primarily to the people of the country, though you may well find performances in French in the French-speaking parts of the island. The Del Parque Theatre is one of the main theatres in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While it offers a variety of performances, it seldom features plays or activities in any languages other than Spanish. Whether you understand the language or not, the actions, expressions, music and so forth can give you insight into what is going on, thus you can be sure of a good hour or two of entertainment. The theatre can be found on Del Parque Street and is a real treat to anyone who decides to catch a show here.

So the next time you visit Puerto Rico, make sure that you take the time to enjoy at least one of the country’s many excellent performance art acts. Whether you enjoy a good comedy, a tragedy or even a ballet, you can be sure that if you book ahead you will find exactly the sort of show you are looking for.

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