Visit the Amphitheater at Munoz Marin Park

If you are a lover of theatre or music, you may have had already had the opportunity of enjoying either of these spectacles in an outdoor theatre. The concept of outdoor theatres certainly isn’t new and traditionally these venues have been used during the hottest months of the year when the weather is generally good and people are able to make good use of outdoor venues. The same can be said of Puerto Rico – though the weather here is invariably better than in many other countries. There is also more than one outdoor theatre to be found in this island nation. Perhaps the most well known one is the Muñoz Marín Amphitheatre.

The Muñoz Marín Amphitheatre is located in the Muñoz Marín Park in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When it is not being used it enjoys a rather inconspicuous life as part of the beautiful park and may see visitors from time to time who choose to picnic nearby. However, when the weather is good and the timing right, people flock to the Muñoz Marín Amphitheatre to enjoy the many sterling performances that are often held at this outdoor venue. These performances may take the form of theatrical plays or musical performances and each performance is generally somewhat different from the others to keep interest alive. The amphitheatre’s facilities are relatively rudimentary when compared to the indoor theatres in Puerto Rico but they more than suffice and those attending the performances at the theatre are more than happy to overlook this fact.

There is nothing quite like the cool tranquility of the park during the late evening – especially when you are about to enjoy a spectacular performance. The lights may not be as dazzling and the shows may not be as vibrant, but the setting is unique and the many-colored sunsets and glittering stars provide the perfect backdrop to the amphitheatre’s stage. The cool evening air is often a welcome change from the often stuffy local theatres and the atmosphere is always more romantic and more lively. So the next time you are in San Juan and hear of a performance at the Muñoz Marín Amphitheatre, give it a try. You will likely find that the experience is worth writing home about.

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