Mayaguez’s Beautiful Teatro Yaguez

Teatro Yaguez stands proudly in the city of Mayaguez. Established back in 1909, this remarkable theatre has served as a center of culture and performing arts for many years. The structure that houses the Teatro Yaguez is itself an architectural masterpiece. This theatre is well worth a visit - both for its historical significance and its exceptional performances.

Construction took place on the Teatro Yaguez from 1907 to 1909 under the direction of Francisco Maymón Palmer. Maymón was already well-known across the island of Puerto Rico for his efforts in the silent film industry and cinematography. A real pioneer in the industry, he would introduce international silent films to the country by showing them at a variety of venues as well as by selling them. The baroque-style Teatro Yaguez was officially opened in 1909 as an Opera House. This stunning structure boasted tiles and carpeting from Spain and ceilings from Italy. Over time the Teatro Yaguez hosted many operas, plays, dance performances, orchestras and silent movies.

The wooden structure of Teatro Yaguez was destroyed in a fire in 1919. Some 150 individuals lost their lives in this terrible disaster. Fortunately the theatre was rebuilt under the careful eye of architect Sabàs Honoré. Attention to detail is clearly seen in the stunning columns, cornices, moldings and French doors of Teatro Yaguez. The stunning theatre of Yaguez was declared a National Historical Landmark in 1976. The Municipality of Mayaguez bought the theatre from Francisco Maymón Palmer’s son in 1977. The well cared for building stands as a monument dedicated to the arts. Today it is still an important hub of performing arts, culture and education.

The main entrance to Teatro Yaguez is located in McKinley Street. A magnificent facade greets those who come here to enjoy a performance. The varied calendar of Teatro Yaguez gives patrons an opportunity to view a wide variety of genres at the theatre. This beautifully designed theatre offers a magical experience that will inspire you, please the eye, challenge the mind and bring music to your ears. If you are a fan of the performing arts and are staying in Mayaguez, you will not want to miss taking in a performance at Teatro Yaguez.

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