5th Annual Culebra International Regatta

There’s no other Regatta quite like the Culebra International Regatta hosted on the offshore island of Culebra near Puerto Rico. The combination of top-notch boat racing and wonderful Caribbean-style parties with a picturesque island-paradise setting just cannot be beaten. If this sounds like your idea of a great time, make sure that you get to Puerto Rico to enjoy the 5th annual Culebra Heineken International Regatta.

Puerto Rico is an island nation that deserves plenty of praise on its own merits, but it is the small offshore island of Culebra that gets all the praise during this great event. The island features ten square miles of stunning beaches and lush vegetation and it has become quite the sailboat racing hotspot in the northern Caribbean. Little wonder then that it is the location of choice for the 5th annual Culebra Heineken International Regatta. The Culebra International Regatta will be combined with the Culebra International Dinghy Regatta for those who have smaller and less prestigious vessels but who enjoy a good boat race nonetheless. The choice host resort for the 2009 regatta is, once again, Costa Bonita Villas and there will be plenty of rooms available for those looking for a land-based place to stay during the event. More than seven vessels are expected to weigh anchor at Ensenada Honda, Fulladosa Bay or Daiquiri Bay for the event. The regatta will not only see cruising classes and mixed fleet racing, but large beach cat fleets and one-design classes take to the surrounding waters. A number of native Chalanas will also be raced as part of the festivities.

The Culebra International Regatta’s various events have all been carefully planned so that shore-bound spectators can get in on as much of the action as possible. As part of the races some of the fleets will be expected to navigate their way around both Culebra and Culebrita – a small offshore island located east of Culebra – before making their way for the finish line. Even children have been included in the events, and the Culebra International Dinghy Regatta will see Optimist, Laser Radial and Laser races taking place in Ensenada Honda. The regatta will take place from March 20 to 22, 2009. If two days of fantastic racing, great family fun, plenty of wild parties and beautiful blue seas sound like your idea of a good time, make sure that you don’t miss out on the 5th Annual Culebra International Regatta!