A Delightful Group Travel Option to Puerto Rico

Consider the pleasures of a driving vacation in a luxury SUV, amidst breathtaking scenery, the intimate company of close friends, and great service to boot. Even that dream does not quite match spending quality time in Puerto Rico with an air charter from the San Juan airport.

Take off if you are bored, stay on if you are so inclined – simply travel when you wish. Lose no time in queues, do not worry about being late, and make discovering the Caribbean an undiluted delight! Air charters let you make the most of all the precious time you have for a Puerto Rico vacation.

Neither business nor first class can match the personal attention from a trained and dedicated crew on an air charter. Whether it is a matter of your favorite beverage, or a snack when you feel like it, the luxury and prestige of an air charter is unmatched. Needless to say, no airline staff can match the friendly and informed guide on the spectacular sights over which you fly.

Puerto Rico is just right for a vacation in your own rented aircraft. There is so much to see that you have to make inevitable compromises in the average itinerary based on public transport by any mode. You do not have to fly back home feeling lost for all that you have missed when you use an air charter for your Puerto Rico vacation.

Unlike exotic isles where you have to change currency and worry about which credit cards service units may take, Puerto Rico’s status as a U.S. territory works to your advantage and convenience. The U.S. dollar is legal tender and air charter companies at the San Juan airport accept major credit cards without demur.

The Federal Aviation Authority has a big role to play in making air charters out of San Juan a success. Look for a certified service and enjoy your vacation knowing that your aircraft and crew meet top international safety standards. Check with friends or referrals about previous experiences, and you are sure to find that customer satisfaction is right up there when it comes to air charters in Puerto Rico.

Now for the fly in the ointment! Cancellation charges are steep compared to the flexibility of commercial airlines in this respect. You lose all your money for changing your mind 24 hours before a trip, and 50% even if you decide on another schedule a month in advance!