Adventure Awaits on Caya Icacos

The beautiful Caya Icacos is one of the string of small islands forming La Cordillera Nature Reserve off the north east tip of Puerto Rico. These uninhabited coral islands – Icacos, Palominitos, Lobos, Diablo and Ratones – are administered by the Department of Natural Resources of Puerto Rico and are popular scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. Many who have explored the area agree that Icacos Island is the most picturesque of the islands and has the most abundant and diverse underwater life.

With sandy white palm-fringed beaches scattered with bits of coral and shells on the one side of the island and rugged rocks dipping into the ocean on the other, the island is surrounded by crystal-clear water in varying shades of blue and green. As there is no camping allowed on Caya Icacos, boat trips start early in the day to make the most of the trip, which takes about twenty minutes from Las Croabas outside the city of Fajardo on the mainland of Puerto Rico. Many of the fishermen take visitors to and from the island to supplement their income.

Visitors can be dropped off at the Caya Icacos and collected later in the day, or they can arrange for a trip around the island to view the booby birds nesting site, as well as traveling to nearby islands. Skimming over the clear waters with the wind blowing through your hair is an experience worth having. A number of catamarans specialize in taking their customers to the best snorkeling spots, staying in one spot for a while and then moving to the next. Underwater treasures include a huge variety of corals in all shapes and sizes and large schools of silvery fish that swirl around, unperturbed by their human visitors. Small, colorful fish dart in and out of the corals and an octopus or stingray may pass by.

As there are no facilities on Caya Icacos, visitors are advised to take along plenty of fresh water, food, insect repellent, plenty of sunblock and light, long-sleeved clothing, as well as garbage bags for trash and a waterproof bag for cameras, cellphones and other valuables.

Many people visit Puerto Rico for their annual vacation, as it is the perfect place to relax and forget about the stresses of daily city life. There can be no better therapy than exploring Caya Icacos and its underwater wonderland.