Adventure Beneath the Earth in Puerto Rico

Rappelling is never for the faint hearted, but nothing can beat the thrill of doing this to descend in to an enormous cave in the bowels of the earth. Fascinating flora and fauna thrive in the dark surroundings which sunshine cannot reach, and primordial cave art bears mute testimony to indigenous tribes who frequented the awesome surroundings of the Camuy River Cave Park.

River systems under the surface of the earth are not common, which makes Camuy on of the special places in Puerto Rico. The water has carved enormous caves out of the limestone rocks which have formed naturally over the course of millions of years. Everyone from a person on a casual vacation to the most intrepid adventurer can spend endless hours wandering and exploring the water system and the caves of the Camuy River Cave Park.

The caves carved by the water out of limestone deposits have such variety that there are surprises at every turn for explorers. While some are as high as the ceiling of a Cathedral, others are small enough to force you to crawl! Unlike natural attractions above ground, the Camuy River and the caves have not been mapped in detail: there is every chance of discovering a formation without any sign of prior human presence! However, the caves with the most striking examples of Taino art are the most popular.

Camuy, like so many other places in Puerto Rico, was once home to indigenous people. Taino Indians flourished in this area before the Spanish arrived, and considered the subterranean terrain as sacred. Even the most rational and hardened tourist of today will not fail to be overwhelmed by the magical atmosphere of Camuy. The town itself is entirely picturesque, and sits on the northwestern part of the territory: it is home to more than 35 thousand people.

Had the Camuy River Park been discovered in a lesser country, operators would have promoted such a natural beauty as the sole reason to make visits! Puerto Rico has so much to appeal to people of all backgrounds, that the underground complex of Camuy does not always get its due. However, descent some 200 feet below the surface is likely to be one of your most cherished memories of a sojourn in Puerto Rico.