Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute

The late Dr. Ann Wigmore had the desire for people to live in perfect balance and harmony, while enjoying abundant health. The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico, continues to pursue the noble goals of this pioneer in the use of living foods for the detoxification and healing of body, mind and spirit. Founded in 1990, the institute invites health conscious people to discover ways of enhancing their quality of life the natural way.

The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute is a non-profit school that is dedicated to teaching Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle program. Participants in these one and two week programs will gain sufficient knowledge to enhance their own health, adapt what they have learned into their day to day lives, and share the valuable information of the program with family and friends. The program provides hands-on workshops for practical experience in planting, composting, sprouting, harvesting, food culturing, food dehydration, food preparation, detoxification of the body and more. In addition to focusing on food and nutrition, the program includes yoga, breathing techniques, stress-relief techniques, self-esteem workshops and skin care.

Unlike many health spas, the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute equips participants to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, which they can pursue for the rest of their (probably longer) lives. Each day of the program, participants will enjoy the institute’s special energy soup, as well as raw vegetables and fruit, sprouted grains, seeds and nuts. A great deal of emphasis is put on the therapeutic effects of wheat grass and students are taught how to cultivate, harvest and process wheat grass, as well as the benefits of incorporating this wonder food into their daily lives. Students also learn how to grow their own food at home – even if they live in a tiny apartment.

Lessons are from Monday to Friday, with the weekend leaving guests free to enjoy the beach, which is less than 50 yards from the institute, and see the many interesting local sights, which include the Arecibo Observatory, Rio Camuy Cave Park, El Yunque Rain Forest, Bahia La Parguera Bay and Culebra Island.

There is no doubt that Puerto Rico is a fascinating country, brimming with natural beauty. Students who have completed one of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute’s programs agree that the Living Foods Lifestyle program has set them on the right path to a healthier way of living – and they love it!