Au Pair Exchanges for English and Spanish – Puerto Rico

The Au Pair system seems to be eminently suited for families with Anglican and Spanish backgrounds to learn more about each other’s customs, culture and family traditions. Though young women have traditionally used the Au Pair way to explore other countries, there is no reason why all people cannot enjoy the benefits, regardless of age and sex. Similarly, and Au Pair experience commonly implies a journey abroad, but this is no longer essential in eclectic communities.

Puerto Rico has rich Spanish Au Pair attractions for citizens from the mainland. Since the country is much closer to the United States, and an official territory to boot, it certainly beats crossing the Atlantic just to learn Spanish. It is also convenient because the U.S. dollar is legal tender in Puerto Rico. No language, learnt solely in a formal way can match the vocabulary and nuances of everyday use. This is especially true of Spanish because of the exuberant nature of Hispanics in general!

Though there is no shortage of Puerto Ricans in places such as Manhattan and Miami, learning Spanish in this Caribbean territory of the United States, is a different experience to anything one can gain from ethnic minorities in North America. The ambience of Puerto Rico, its history, and the varied backgrounds of the people, who live on the islands, make for a unique Spanish experience.

An Au Pair exchange between U.S. and Puerto Rican families can work for great mutual benefits. There are many people on the island who would like to live for short periods in U.S. cities and suburbia, and would be happy to host you to learn Spanish in their homes.

You can use the pages of this web site to find a suitable family to find an Au Pair of your choice to learn Spanish and to teach English at the same time. Do make it a point to describe your position and interests, so that you can locate someone suitable for an exchange plan. Do take proper safeguards to ensure that you do not land up with a family with which you would not like to live in real life!