Boarding House Surf School

The Boarding House is a wonderful establishment in the Puntas Barrio of Rincon, which offers visitors tranquil accommodation with breathtaking ocean views. Its location off the main roads and surrounded by spectacular hills and lush vegetation has made the Boarding House a popular establishment with visitors. Visitors are also able to enjoy relaxing activities such as horseback riding, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling, but it is the Boarding House Surf School that lures hundreds of vacationers to Rincon, and Antonio’s Beach.

With endless stretches of yellow sand, crashing surf and overhanging palm trees, Antonio’s Beach is one of the most picturesque destinations in Puerto Rico. Surfers from all over the world have been seen in these waters and its quiet shores make Antonio’s Beach the perfect location for beginners to learn how to surf. Beginner classes are always started with the most important lesson, namely safety. Instructors will not only teach beginners the basic techniques of surfing, but teach them safety measures whilst in the water and on shore.

The Boarding House Surf School provides surfers with all the equipment they may need, and accomplished surfers on holiday in Rincon are able to rent boards from the Boarding House Surf School. Intermediate surfers are also welcome to sign-up for lessons, as instructors will be able to assist them in improving on the surf skills and advancing their techniques. Instructors not only give lessons on the beach, but will follow their student into the water to ensure their safety and give advice before and after every wave. The instructors at the Boarding House Surf School are professionals. They are accomplished surfers, have CPR training and are licensed lifeguards, ensuring that all surf students are in safe hands. Many international travelers have enjoyed the fun and excitement at the Boarding House Surf School and have described them as honest and complete professionals. The Boarding House Surf School offers visitors a unique experience and the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful surfing holiday. Various packages are available to suit visitors needs and you are sure of a holiday filled with sun, surf and fun.