Canyoning and Rock Climbing

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country situated in a temperate tropical climatic zone with diverse terrain and abundant natural beauty, all factors that make it a popular choice for tourists who enjoy getting close to nature. Canyoning and rock climbing are activities that often go hand-in-hand and are becoming increasingly popular, offering tourists a unique perspective of some of the most beautiful areas in Puerto Rico.

Canyoning and rock climbing are often done in remote and rugged settings where steep and deep canyons have been carved out of stone by rivers or some long past geological event. Most, but not all, canyons are cut into sandstone, limestone, granite or basalt, forming fascinating sculpted walls and often with spectacular waterfalls splashing to the river below. Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of many canyons, making rescue efforts difficult, it is always best to enjoy canyoning with an experienced guide.

The Tanamá River which is situated south of Arecibo in the Central Mountains of Puerto Rico is a popular canyoning area which is recommended for thrill-seekers who are physically fit. After hiking through the primeval karst limestone forest, exploring the Cueva del Arco (Arch Cave), and rappelling down the sheer limestone walls of the canyon to the river below, adventurers can drift down the river to the point where it exits the canyon.

The El Yunque rain forest is another popular venue for canyoning and rock climbing. Participants can look forward to non-stop action as they enjoy the thrill of vertical rock climbing, rappelling down a cliff wall right next to a thunderous waterfall and rappel-zip riding over white-water rapids.

Rock climbing enthusiasts will enjoy testing out the 131 climbing routes of Bayamón II in the Julio Enrique Monagas National Park outside San Juan. The climbs vary in height and level of difficulty with a number of areas having permanent fixed anchors.

With the topography of Puerto Rico ranging from palm-lined beaches to majestic, rugged mountains, from gently rolling hills to semi-desert conditions, visitors are sure to find a place and an activity that suits them. Those with a taste for adventure will no doubt thoroughly enjoy canyoning and rock climbing in Puerto Rico.