Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce Cultural Center

Located in Barrio Tercero, which forms part of the Ponce Historic Zone, is a structure of cultural and historical significance to the city. The Centro Cultural de Ponce Carmen Solá de Pereira, or Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce Cultural Center, is a hub of cultural and educational activities at number 70 Cristina Street. Visitors to Ponce will certainly enjoy discovering various aspects of Puerto Rico’s culture in this historical building.

The mansion in which the Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce Cultural Center is located was designed by renowned architect Juan Bertoli Calderoni, who was also known for his construction of La Perla Theater. Bertoli has been honored in the Park of the Illustrious Ponce Citizens for his contribution to architecture in the city. The mansion was built as the residence of a wealthy businessman named Ermelindo Salazar in the year 1870. Interestingly it was the first house in Ponce with a private telephone line, seventeen years before the rest of the city received the service. The line allowed the Salazars to communicate with their commercial offices located at the port. The building contains elements of Ponce Creole and Colonial Spanish architecture.

In 1959 the Ponce Museum of Art was established in the house by Luis A. Ferré. It later went on to house the Puerto Rican Music Museum, after the building was purchased by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in 1980s. The Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce Cultural Center was founded in the mansion in 1992, and has been working to promote artistic development in Ponce since then. The Cultural Center was named after educator and lawmaker Carmen Solá de Pereira. She was known for using her skills to educate disadvantaged children, serving as the school principal in the community of La Cantera.

Visitors to the Carmen Solá de Pereira Ponce Cultural Center will find that the Noches de Galería is held here on a regular basis. This provides bright artisans, painters and sculptors with the opportunity to display their art works. The Cultural Center is also host to a number of literary events held by authors. Why not take some time to pay a visit to this fascinating heart of culture when touring Ponce.