Casa Aboy – A Tribute to the Art of Photography

Originally built as a beach house on the Ponce de León Avenue of Miramar in San Juan’s Santurce district, Casa Aboy was declared a National Historical Landmark of Puerto Rico in 1989. The house, which is also known as the Residencia Aboy-Lompré, was built by Don Ramón Aboy and is home to the Federation of Photojournalists of Puerto Rico, or Federación de Foto Periodistas de Puerto Rico. Opened in 1976 under the direction of Ramon “Moncho” Aboy Miranda, the son of the original owner, Casa Aboy was the first institution of its kind in the Caribbean, being dedicated to providing a place to promote the art and culture of photography.

Visitors to Casa Aboy can view the exhibitions of photographic art in the Concept Photo Gallery, which, in addition to superb photography, contains press clippings and historical documents. Exhibits are changed from time to time and presented under various themes. Exhibitions in recent years have included themes entitled Views From My Car by Carmen Mojica; Please Touch by Adal Maldonado; and I Saw Him presented as a collaboration between Carmen Mojica, Guy Paizy and Adal Maldonado. As a cultural center, Casa Aboy hosts numerous activities, including concerts, poetry and music recitals, conferences and book presentations.

It was through a series of coincidental events that Casa Aboy came to be the cultural landmark it is today in the historical district of Miramar. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, in 1950, Ramon “Moncho” Aboy Miranda had left the island to further his studies in fine arts and photography in Connecticut and Baltimore in the United States. He returned to Puerto Rico in 1972 to teach photography techniques to students at the School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rican Culture, having opportunities to exhibit his works at exhibitions in Puerto Rico and New York. Upon hearing that the house which had been his father’s birthplace and their family home was about to be demolished, he dedicated his efforts to saving the house from destruction and restoring it to its original condition. Moncho Aboy carved a place in Puerto Rico’s history as a loyal and tireless fighter for human rights and the preservation of Puerto Rico’s unique culture, and Casa Aboy stands as a testimony to him and the cultural community of this fascinating island nation.