Casa Jesus Pinero

In the year 1898, Puerto Rico was officially taken over by the United States of America. Governors were appointed throughout the island, and in the town of Canovanas, Jesus T. Pinero was brought into office in 1946. Not only was he the very first local to be appointed as governor by the United States but also the last to be appointed by them. Jesus Pinero made history through his appointment, but also created his own history on his farm, which can be appreciated today at Casa Jesus Pinero.

Before being appointed as governor of Canovanas, Jesus Pinero became a successful farmer, specializing in sugar cane and cattle. With his business he traveled quite frequently and took in numerous designs and creations which he put together to start construction on a new home for his family in 1931. He raised both of his children in the house he named Casa Rosada, but passed away suddenly in 1951. The culmination of hurricane George and the vandalism that followed saw to it that the house was abandoned and left in ruin. The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture recognized the significance of the house, and with the assistance of Pinero’s children, restored the house to it former magnificence. The house now highlights the lifestyles of the 1930s to 1950s. Well educated guides at the house are able to share the history and wonder of the house with visitors. There are photos of the house before restoration work began, so visitors are able to appreciate the efforts made.

Casa Jesus Pinero is furnished with all the original furniture and was quite a modern house for the time. The walk out basement of the house is testament to the “modern” features given to the house by Pinero, as well as the latest appliances and fashions of the 1930s. The house has large rooms, and also displays Pinero’s hobbies such the ham radio he operated and the bird aviary has also been restored even though it does not house any birds. The gardens have also been replanted and visitors are invited to make use of the picnic pavilions and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Casa Jesus Pinero and its gardens.