Casa Rosada

Many buildings in Puerto Rico have served a multitude of purposes during their existence and have fortunately survived through the ages to still be in use today and stand as reminders of the rich history of Puerto Rico. Some have become noteworthy attractions in various cities, and in San Juan the Casa Rosada is one of these popular tourist attractions. It is a very unique building, as not only serves as a museum, but is still in daily use.

Casa Rosada, or the Pink House as it is affectionately known, found its beginnings during the occupation of the Spanish Forces. Its pink painted walls make it easily recognizable, and the building is located in the Old San Juan district. Housing became a problem as troops flooded San Juan to join the guards of the San Agustin Bastion. Casa Rosada was therefore constructed in the year 1812 to serve as a barracks for the troops. The building, as it is seen today, was renovated as officers’ quarters for the Spanish Army in 1851. Many families and well known Puerto Ricans, such as the President of the Senate Charlie Rodriguez (1997 – 2000), lived at Casa Rosada. The Pink House was remodeled to serve its final purpose and became a monument to Puerto Rico’s history.

Today, visitors and tourists are welcomed through its doors to wander through this nineteenth century architectural wonder and to explore the fascinating museum that was created in the Casa Rosada. Functioning as a craft museum, visitors are able to discover the beauty and talents of the people of Puerto Rico, which is expressed through their vibrant and exclusive creations. While conserving the creative history of Puerto Rico, the Casa Rosada also provides public servants with an extremely important service, by being a day care centre for the children of those who work for the Puerto Rico Government. The Pink House therefore not only protects the past of the country, but keeps a watchful eye on the future generation. Visitors to the Casa Rosada will find beauty within the building as well as in its unique historical construction, and it is a worthy attraction in San Juan.